3GM Protecta

About 3GM Protecta

3GM Protecta - Vision -

is to provide the world’s best & finest Insect Screens / Fly Mesh & advance blinds systems in India. Manufacturing as per yours doors & windows opening sizes.

3GM Protecta - Quality -

We are setting the quality standard in Retractable Insect Screens & Advance Blinds systems because of our intricate understanding of the harsh Indian conditions we provide insect screen systems especially designed for Indian climate.

3GM Protecta - Warranty -

We are the 1st Company in India who gives you 2 years warranty on all our products mechanism. Our philosophy is to have high quality, effective & contemporary systems that are aesthetically enhancing and operate with only minimal maintenance.

3GM Protecta -

Eco-Friendly - These are high quality Insect Screens & Advance blinds which creates a harmony with nature friendly products.

3GM Protecta - Easy & Fast Operations -

It creates more comfortable & premium office working & home living atmosphere by upgrading sense & feeling of interior space through simple, stylish design, superior technology & differentiated functions.

3GM Protecta - After Sale Services -

We know that how important the customer satisfaction after sales. Our products are technically too solid & you will enjoy our product’s working for long future without any technical problems. Our service team will always be happy to sort out products problems in a shortest period of time.